Company F from the Manufacturing and Automotive Industry sector in the Middle East approached EEE to assist them with contract manufacturing and self-subsidizing their internal line of production on one specific part, in the Middle East itself.

Services Rendered

Company F approached EEE regarding such business penetration, financial advice, branding and licensing. EEE helped by offering its services as a corporate advisor, financial consultant, negotiator, Market Entry specialist and sales representative. Securing ongoing contracts with European manufacturers, granting licences from European entities to permit Company F produce the parts on an ongoing basis internally and on the ground (ME). Letters of Credit were arranged, Licensing and policing the implementation of the terms of the contract conducted, know how technology to be transferred to Company F by foreign company was arranged and the necessary tools and machines were shipped. Company F has now moved into a new mandate with EEE internalising their internal line of production with a new part.