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Our team

EEE Group Team Members have an extensive heritage as investors in Medtech, Biotech, Life Sciences and Telehealth/AI opportunities and carry decades of expertise in turning such inventions into commercially viable solutions, from concept to exit., capitalizing on their two prestigious mandates with the two governments US, UK.

Negin Bemanzadeh

Negin Bemanzadeh

Chairwoman & CEO

Negin is the founder of EEE Corporate Group of companies US and she runs her own partner owned advisory and family office in The City of London and Los Angeles.

5ff77480da0d1b5abd9b5cce_Steven Hirth

Steven H. Hirth

Alliance Partner (New York)

Steven founded Steven H. Hirth & Associates 25 years ago and currently serves as its Founder & Principle.

Romi Kadri

Romi Kadri

Alliance Partner (California)

Romi Kadri is currently the Managing Partner of Capella Partners, a venture capital company that has co-invested and partnered with 65+ global family offices.


Dr. Lindsay Georgopoulos

(NHS Collaborators)

Lindsay has managed a wide range of healthcare-related technology transfer projects since 2009, working across the NHS, academic and private sectors.


Charles Brooks

Head of UK Operations

Charles serves as Head of UK Operations and deploys his many years’ experience to ensure appropriate strategies and business model. Charles is a business valuation specialist and ensures best practice with IP and market opportunity taken into account.


Dr. Nigel H. Worth

Head of IP and Licensing 

Nigel serves as EEE’s Head of IP, Patents, Audit and Title Registers. He is also the Chairman of the Institute of Intellectual Property Licensing in the UK and Director of Intellectual Property Awareness Network in the UK. He deploys his expertise in solving legal and funding related issues related to licensing, IP and patents. A report moving forward with investing deemed impossible.


Stephen Taylor-Parker

(Head of Business Development)

Stephen trained as a lawyer but has spent most of his business career in the computer industry initially working with a UK hardware manufacturer and software systems developer.

60224955b361e54277d18046_Jacqueline Nunn

Jacqueline Nunn

Special Business Strategy Advisor 

Jacqui is passionate about helping businesses become the absolute best version of themselves.


Harry Chana

(Senior Innovation Manager)

Harry Chana (PhD chemist/biochemist) has over 20 years’ experience within the science, technology and engineering landscape.


Agnes Crutchard-Balduz

(Senior Market Intelligence Manager)

Agnes is an experienced marketing intelligence and innovations manager. After completing a Master degree in Marketing Management.

5ff77480da0d1b29f99b5cd2_robert anthony

Prof. Robert Anthony

Head of International Tax

Robert is a British Chartered Certified Accountant (UK) and Certified Financial Planner (France). He founded Anthony & Cie in 1978, a company that specializes in managing cross-border wealth planning strategies and orchestrates financial, legal, real estate and tax advice. All the international Tax advice is provided  diligently by Robert and his team.


Dr. Agata Szuba

(Market Intelligence Officer)

Agata is a biophysicist with experience in interdisciplinary research. She started her journey with translating innovative projects, when as a post-doc she managed a project to commercialize a medical device.

5ff77480da0d1b46a69b5cd4_jonathan lang

Dr. Jonathan Lang

IP Tech Specialist (California)

Jonathan serves as the EEE’s California IP Specialist in Tech and is also a Partner at Capella Securities owned by EEE’s California Alliance Partner.


Dr. Chris Rhodes

Drug Validation Scientist (California)

Dr. Rhodes serves as the EEE’s Drug Validation Scientist and is President & CEO of Drug Delivery Labs San Diego California.


Chi Nguyen

Executive Assistant to Negin

Chi has been serving as Negin’s Executive Assistant for years, providing her with all her Executive briefings before every meeting.


Kia Rezazadeh Khezri

EEE’s Investor Relations Associate

Kia serves as EEE’s Investor Relations Associate US and a serial fund raiser and networker.



Personal Assistant to Charles

Minh serves as Charles’ Personal Assistant at EEE and is instrumental in conducting research on a short timescale.