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Support at every stage

EEE is dedicated to supporting healthcare and healthtech innovators at all stages along their innovation journey, from idea through to dissemination or commercialization.

The services that we provide are centered around activities that are crucial to maximize the chances of securing support for innovation ideas and ensuring that appropriate solutions are being developed, in the right way, to meet real unmet user needs. The term ‘innovation’ includes a wide range of interventions such as devices, diagnostics, software/apps, assistive technologies and actionable tools.

1. Project assessment
2. Market opportunity and Intelligence Reports drafted by EEE and NHS team members
3. Project & innovation protection – IP, Patents and Know How registers,
recommendations and audit
4. Funding and collaborations facilitation with UK & US governments
5. PR, IP, Tech and Science Audit and Validation Reports
6. Commercialization and Market Entry into the US/UK through our exclusive
mandates with NHS UK & Life Sciences Hubs US

EEE Corporate Group of companies’ Services

Our Exclusive NHS UK & Life Sciences Hubs US Services

Identify and evaluate new innovations.

Verify and characterize unmet clinical needs.

Establish a clear understanding of the market for a product.

Review the Intellectual Property landscape; provide advice on Freedom to Operate and how to protect your IP.

Plan your product development pathway, taking account of regulatory requirements.

Develop a realistic commercialization plan to take your product to market UK/US and vice versa.

Ensure appropriate collaboration agreements, licenses and other agreements are in place.

Identify prototyping and manufacturing providers.

Identify potential commercial partners and investors.

Apply for grant funding.

Ensure your development plan runs smoothly via our bespoke project management service.

Build collaborations between NHS, Life Sciences Hubs US industry and universities.

Access NHS clinical networks to obtain expert opinions and for the evaluation of concepts and prototypes.

Develop business cases relevant to NHS adoption and commercialization.

Provide Clinical, Regulatory, Commercialisation and Market Entry into the US/UK Market in as little as 8 weeks.