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Why work with us

Great Team

It may be a cliché, but only great teams build great companies. We back first-time entrepreneurs right through to seasoned executives. We believe in the power of stars to attract other stars.

Big, Growing Markets

The bigger the market, the more room there is for start-ups to succeed. And when industries grow, more white space opens up for innovation. We look for companies with billion-dollar market opportunities and tangible evidence of rapid market growth.

Competitive Edge

Only companies with fundamental competitive advantage survive and thrive. Advantage comes in many forms – we get excited when we see something markedly better, faster and/or cheaper than anything else on the market or in the lab.

Under-served Customer Need

Great start-ups solve difficult, painful problems for their customers in elegant ways or bring exciting new utility to established markets. Be prepared to articulate the problem you are trying to solve or the un-met need you are serving.

Global Potential

Long-term success almost always entails cross-border expansion. With few exceptions, we back companies with the potential for global, not just local, adoption.

How we can help


Successful turnarounds with long expertise in helping companies “turn a corner” in healthcare and life sciences projects.


Decades of equity investment assessment and structuring expertise having worked for or with largest global investment banks, funds and family offices.


Depth of experience in structuring, restructuring and managing corporate and wholesale debt markets working for and with largest global banks, natural resources, renewables, infrastructure and manufacturing business.


Unique risk and portfolio management expertise in having successfully built, managed and restructured multibillion equity and debt portfolios, individual and bank-wide, that weathered successfully both the Great Recession and the European Debt Crisis.


Breadth of transformational experience having advised C-suite and most senior government level officials.


Independent IP review and corporate valuation with a review of valuation methods and selection of most appropriate approach including comparison with historical valuations of similar organizations. All valuations in line with the market observed practice by the Licensing Executives Society surveys.

Cost efficient intensive corporate advisory
support generally lasting up to 6 weeks only as phase I
1. Start of Mandate

Start of Mandate

EEE Team conducts a confidential detailed due diligence with the aid of the company and sets-up centralized project management with weekly update calls and progress reporting trackers and next steps planning to the client.